Slavisa Jokanovic criticised Fulham’s lack of transfer activity after the draw with Cardiff City – claiming that the club’s recruitment process is hindered by the employment of an American statistics analyst who has more control over transfer activity than him.

The Serbian head coach had already fallen out with Craig Kline, who was brought to club by owner Shahid Khan’s son Tony, over his statistics-based recommendations for signings and told BBC Radio London that Kline’s influence had cost the club crucial acquisitions over recent weeks.

It generally depends on this guy [Kline] who is going to sign for us or not. The last decision is in the hands of this man. It is not my business.

I’m a little bit disappointed because no one knows who this guy [Kline] is. Instead he’s sitting in the directors box. I want to take responsibility for how I work with my team and how they perform but I am not part of the recruitment business. It is in the hands of people who believe they’re more prepared.

It is better to ask questions to this man as he can explain what we are going to do in recruitment. I’ve lost many players in this process in nine months. In the last two days I lost a few players who he believes are not good enough.

I had an opinion from one of the best managers in the world on one of the players and he believes it is a good signing for us and I believe that too. Craig doesn’t believe it is a good signing for us and this guy is not with us.