Fulham goalkeeper Jesse Joronen’s loan at Stevenage has been disrupted with the news that he will miss six weeks with a thigh injury.

The 6ft 5ins Finn has made 11 appearances this season for Teddy Sheringham’s side.

Joronen achieved the feat of scoring with a long clearance in the 2-1 home win over Wycombe last month.

Despite the injury, manager Sheringham has confirmed that he is keen to extend the loan spell for the rest of the season.

“We’re here for him to progress but for him to help us, that works hand in hand,” the Boro boss said.

“I’d like to see him back here, it would do him the world of good, get more games and show Fulham exactly what he can do.

“It’s the thigh-hip area that he’s strained as he kicked the ball.

“It’s not the most common of injuries, which is why you have to be a bit careful with it and get him to people that have seen the injury before and can deal with it.”