The recent picture on the club website implies that our new home kit will have stripes. It has been quite a while since we have had a home kit with stripes as we are pretty used to our all white top that we usually have. Away kits are a different matter as we had a red and black striped kit in our survival year. But what might our new home kit look like in stripes? What do our fans think of this?

The last stripped home kit that I could find was in 1984 and both the home and away kit had smart pinstripes. It looked good and if we have something like that this season I would be very happy! We aren’t a club who are used to stripes like Newcastle or Sunderland so I doubt that we will have thick stripes all down our kit.

Fulham home kit 1984-Smart pinstripes

I decided to have a look at recent Kappa kit from around Europe that have had stripes to perhaps give us a clue of what we might expect from our new home kit which is to be unveiled on Friday.

French side Toulouse


Sweden's club team Hammarby IF

I think that the two kits above look good but I am still trying to imagine a Fulham kit like them.

People try to say that the kit you are playing in doesn’t matter but I disagree. I think that if you feel good and look good it gives you a good psychological mindset. I also think that kits have some sort of impact on the opposition the same way having a good warm-up can. You might not even realise that it affects you as a player but often just looking at the opposition, the way they look and warm up together can intimidate you or make you feel better about your chances. I remember playing against a hockey team last year who were sponsored by a Scottish milk firm and their kit had a cow pattern all over it and frankly, it looked ridiculous. Lets just say that we just didn’t feel as scared of them as we could because of it! I’m not saying that the good teams will have good-looking kits and bad teams will have silly-looking kits but I do believe that kits can add a good or bad psychological mind set for players.

What do you think about kits and what are you expecting from our new home kit this year?