Hungarian goalkeeper Csaba Somogyi has spoken of his desire to join Martin Jol at Fulham.

The 26 year-old had a trial with Ajax when Jol was in charge there last December. Somogyi claims that Jol said he’d be keen to take him to his next club:

I’m very happy that Martin Jol was appointed as the new coach of Fulham. I hope I will get the chance to play for him.

One of his team-mates seems to be acting as Somogyi’s agent:

I have a great relationship with Martin Jol. When he agreed to join Fulham, I spoke to his agent immediately. The Dutch coach wanted to sign Somogyi, but his contract was then terminated. Now he stressed it again that he wants Csaba to play in the team where he is coach.

I’m not buying it. It’s a big leap from the Hungarian Second Division to the Premier League. And goalkeeper just isn’t one of the positions Jol needs to strengthen. Chalk this as the work of an over-active imagination.