Some interesting snippets from the offal’s interview with Clint Dempsey:

Would you say that last season was one of your best campaigns to date at Fulham?

Yeah! I would say that that is definitely accurate. It is always good to get goals and I feel that they were at vital times in the season, in the sense of games and where we were in the table. I was able to get goals in the games that mattered the most and that is something that makes me feel good!

You mentioned earlier that you do feel like you’re improving season on season. Do you feel that you are almost reaching your peak now?

You don’t know when your peak is going to be so hopefully this isn’t my peak and I can get better, but you can’t play forever in your career. I’m 28 now so hopefully there are still some good years to come and hopefully I can keep this form and maintain it for another three to four years.

Looking back, what do you think were the stand out performances for you personally and for the Team last season?

A big win for us last season was the away win against Stoke, after losing to West Ham at home, because of where we were in the table.

That was definitely a turning point in the season for us in the sense of where we were and we hadn’t got an away win in such a long time.

Also the two consecutive away wins at Sunderland and at Birmingham, was certainly important because that gave us something to improve upon and it enabled us to, from then on, go away and get away wins. So that is something to look at as an achievement as well; getting two away wins in a row.

We’re back in UEFA Europa League next season thanks to our final position in the Fair Play League – is there the feeling that we have unfinished business in Europe?

You want to play in major competitions and you want to win things in your career. Hopefully there is more magic in our tank. We did ourselves justice last time; we played with a lot of heart and showed a lot of character to get to the Final of the Europa League. Hopefully we can do the same – it’s exciting times!