In what’s becoming something of a habit for me, other than about twenty minutes of five live straight after the match, I caught absolutely no football results other than ours at all until this morning. So if like me you were busy being a social butterfly or you’re some kind of hermit, I thought I’d be kind and give you the gift of a weekend roundup.

Many of the members of the press have picked up that we as a crowd weren’t too keen on Wolves brand of football, many reproducing a selection of our songs aimed at the team and their gaffer. Many of us feared for Bobby when he went down, especially with the stretcher and oxygen being brought straight over to him. While reports are that he also suffered some ligament damage meaning his spell on the side lines could be extended by a few months, the Daily Star give us hope that he can’t have been that bad as he was busy ordering some Krispy Kreams as he was carried out of the Cottage.

 McCarthy didn’t see much wrong with his tactics saying “We tackle properly and we’re going to continue doing the same.” However the 74 fouls they’ve committed in four games so far this season (averaging 19 a game stat fans), and in the last two matches they’ve managed to collect 12 yellow cards and a red card too. No, not much wrong there then Mick.

A gentleman behind me at the Cottage on Saturday said that the referee was so bad he’d consider throwing something at him. Somebody up at The City of Manchester Stadium went one better than considering it and did indeed wazz a bottle at Diouf (surely if there was one player you are allowed to throw things at without retribution he’d be right up there on the short list?) The Guardian certainly felt he may have, at least in some way, brought this on himself:

‘El-Hadji Diouf, reverting to type, was bare-chested as he walked towards the tunnel, the last man on the pitch, waving to the home supporters, getting a kick from their disappointment … a one-man cabaret. Feelings were running high and a plastic bottle was thrown from the Colin Bell Stand. Diouf smiled some more and started kissing his biceps, right then left, whooping with malicious pleasure.’

Over in the East London Slums West Ham are doing all they can to beat Wigan to that coveted bottom relegation spot with a whimpering defeat to Chelsea. Already on minus ten goal difference Bongo Dave is pinning his hopes on the club having a good October to get clear of trouble. Well, they’re pretty much guaranteed the points off us as always I suppose… Looking back it’s hard to see how any of us imagined, with Green in goal, we stood any chance at the World Cup. Even West Ham fans turning on him, and we all know that they are the self appointed best fans in the world…ever!! Perhaps Chelsea bagging another three points and their seventieth goal of the season may go some way to reassuring the BBCs Steve Claridge who mused ‘I was not entirely convinced by Carlo Ancelotti at Chelsea last year.’ Yeah, winning the double at your first attempt would leave you with some doubts…

A team you could file under ‘The Club That Keeps on Giving’ are Spurs. They achieve mediocre success, lose to a team called Young Boys, lose to Wigan, players getting injured left right and centre and then struggle to a draw at West Brom. I’m certainly looking forward to their European (mis)adventure this season.

Seemingly on a one team mission to make me look like a tool, Blackpool notched up another three points. Their ‘keeper Gilkes having a blinder and starting calls for us Fabio to nick him from under the Scotch teams’ noses.

Elsewhere Wigan, who beating is usually like taking pennies off of a dead mans eyes, took a point off of Sunderland, Everton left it late after Rooney bottled it and Bolton got beat by the Arse with the help of another cracking referee.

Possibly the last time I'll use the nickname but... Paul CanJetSki made his Reds debut this weekend.

Konch made his debut for Roy’s Liverpool as they scraped a draw against Brum. Roy seems to have caught the ‘I’m at a big club so am perfectly allowed to contradict myself’ syndrome many of the Big Four© gaffers possess. Talking about Mascerano bullying his way into a move But it’s a selfish situation when they want something and then expect the club and me to bow down and accept they’re going to get their way.”

Whereas, flash forward a few days, when Konch, who told Sparky he wouldn’t be renewing his contract with us should we not let him move to the Scouse didn’t see too much wrong with it, “he was in the last year of his contract and he made it clear that if they [Fulham] didn’t let him go he wouldn’t sign a new contract. That was useful for us because otherwise it would have been very difficult to get him