Anything and everything in football is transferable these days. With a long contract or not players can move between clubs willy nilly, as long as the right amount of money is handed over. The same happens with managers and coaches. And we all know what happened to MK Dons. It usually boils down to the cash being offered, but not always.

But as so much is available to be exchanged between clubs (players, staff, fans…) why not everything?

I watched the highly entertaining Championship play off final the other Saturday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it. But after the celebrations had all died down (Who knew the Scotch were all massive Blackpool fans?) you can’t help but wonder about next season.

Before the match I heard an interview with Ian Holloway on the radio and he said the same again to the BBC this week. He said that if they won promotion they were not going to go all out to stay up, spending stupid money on players and wages as some clubs had. His preferred option was to get their stadium fully completed, get the training and youth facilities up to a high standard, bringing in just a couple of players to a largely unchanged squad. To me that sounds like he has pretty much raised the white flag on the relegation battle already, and accepted his fate. And that’s more than fair enough. No Blackpool fan would have imagined they’d be gaining promotion at the end of the season this time last year. And I imagine very few would expect them to still be there in another years time. Plenty of clubs have broke the bank trying to get to and stay in the Premier League and failed. They seem set to not do this, and seem almost resigned to dropping back down in a years time.

But what if they were able to transfer the promotion place they won?

Clubs with money to burn with a wealthy backer, such as QPR, would bite their hand off! Sell the opportunity of Premiership football for, say, £50m and pocket the cash. This would give Blackpool the money they require to finish the stadium, improve their training and youth facilities and probably still have a little spare for a player or two. It’d also save the fans from having to endure a season which will offer little joy in terms of victories. Yes it’ll be a great adventure, having the likes of Man Untied, Chelsea, Liverpool and us tip up at their place, but they style of football they play wont give them much joy in the Premiership. They try and pass the ball around, and the way newly promoted teams have managed to stay up recently has been to lump the ball forward and kick lumps out of the opposition (See Stoke City) By staying down in the Championship next season they would avoid this, and who knows, they may well get another crack next season with the club better positioned at staying up. Whoever bought the place would probably also make money as they estimate a club makes £90m, and if the club had deep pockets they would be able to make a far better stab at staying up than Blackpool.

Just a thought.