I feel for newspaper writers. All that white blank space to fill. But what with? Thankfully this summer we’ve had the world cup and then the following witch trials to fill much of the column inches saving us from spurious lies, I mean well researched and cunningly uncovered transfer talks. Even though they have only had the last six weeks to crow bar in these fabrications the press at large seem to have run out of them and as such are becoming the printed equivalent of Dave. Yup, we’re getting repeats of all our favorite transfer rumors!

The Daily Mirror is giving us a chance to relive those glory days of two weeks ago by giving us the Paul Konchesky  (who since the original airing of this story we have learnt Can Jet Ski) to Liverpool rumor. Even though at the very beginning of last month Roy said he wouldn’t be raiding the banks of the Thames for players. The basis seems to be he didn’t play last week at the Reebok and.. well that’s about it.

The Mirror is big on nostalgia today apparently as it’s also resurrected the Parker to Liverpool story, (didn’t he sign a five year contract last week and didn’t Bongo Dave say he wasn’t being sold when Spuds tapped him up?) , which is a very old friend to the lazy journalist running out of time.

I guess now that the Bellamy saga is over with (at least from a transfer point of view) they have to write something, but I do worry for them about what they’ll be able to cobble together come 1st September…