I desperatly wanted Ghana to go through last night. At first it was purely because of our man John Pantsil but as I have watched then during the tournament I have really liked them. They played better than Uraguay at times as well last night. If it wasn’t for that moment right at the end of extra time last night, Ghana would have been through. There will be many debates about whether or not this should count as cheating but I for one think it was a disgrace.

In my PE class in school we debated one time about whether at a massive moment in a match would you ‘bend the rules’. The sport I play is hockey and if the ball hits your foot its a foul. As a defender, I’m used to being on the line at a penalty corner (hockeys version of a corner) waiting to block an on coming shot. I was asked would I, if the moment came, block a shot on the line with my foot. This would have prevented the goal but a stroke (penalty) would have been awarded and I would have been sent off. I said no. This was exactly the same as last night only at a much higher level. Do you cheat and hope to gain an advantage for the team or do you let your dreams disappear is a moment of fairness. The reason  I answered no was becasue I imagined what it would have been like if an opposing defener had blocked one of our shots on the line at the end of a match. It actually hurt thinking about it! I personally would rather lose fairly than win by cheating.

I could have excused this if Surez had have come out and said he was sorry but the fact that he came out and said that it was is own ‘Hand of God’ moment is a disgrace! His joy at Gyan missing the penalty as well was disgraceful. It defeats the purpose of fair play. By admitting that he knew what he was doing when he blocked that shot with his hand means that he cheated.

I feel so sorry for Ghana and Gyan. He really shouldn’t have missed that penalty at the end of the game but it just means that Surez got the advantage he was hoping for.