I saw this article on the Beeb a couple of days ago and I thought about writing something and then I thought “Nah, it’s Coventry, I can’t be bothered” (and I was busy) but now the offal has forced my hand somewhat.

In my mind Jimmy Hill’s a bit of a Fulham legend. I remember seeing him at the Cottage when I first started going, and I’ve even seen him a couple of times recently. I reckon he’s still got a bit of Fulham in his heart – it’s hard to get rid of, isn’t it? I’ll also never forget his tears at the unveiling of the Johnny Haynes statue on Stevenage Road. Anyhoo, now it’s his turn. Coventry City are commissioning a statue in his honour and, quite rightly, Fulham are highlighting the appeal should any of us want to contribute. I know we’re all a bit poor after last season’s stonking jaunt around Europe but in the words of one supermarket, every little helps.

It’s for the especially good cause of someone so deeply ingrained in the history of Fulham and football generally. Even my Mum knows who he is. Some of his accomplishments are admittedly before my time but they are well documented. Jimmy Hill OBE has been recognised by the Professional Footballers Association and the Royal Television Society, demonstrating how highly regarded he is by both the football industry and his media colleagues, as well as the Queen. He played over 270 games for us and then returned as Chairman, saving us from bankruptcy and a proposed merger with QPR (can you imagine?!) before handing us over into the very capable hands of our current Chairman.

As I said, a legend. Dig deep, people, he’s worth it.