Mark Schwarzer says Fulham have happily accepted their heavy schedule and will be ready to give their all in their FA Cup quarter-final replay at Tottenham tonight.

The Whites will play their 50th game of their fantastic season so far at White Hart Lane this evening and Fulham’s Australian goalkeeper insists the team will be ready for the game this evening.

We’ve accepted the situation we’re in with open arms. We’ve accepted it as a positive instead of a negative like some people portray it to be because of the workload.

I think we’ve approached it in a manner which says we’re delighted to be in the position we’re in.

As the gaffer has said, we’re victims of our own success. But I’d rather be in that position than not. Football is a very, very short life for most of us and you’ve got to make the most of the opportunities that are put in front of you.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to be involved with Fulham at this stage and I want to enjoy every moment with them.