Blink during ITV’s coverage of the FA Cup last night and you’d have missed the briefest of reports on Fulham’s win over Swindon. It was so short and sweet I missed it again this morning as well. Fortunately, the ITV website gives us all 38 seconds again.

Two things to note about Zamora’s goal: 1) the quality of the ball from Stephen Kelly. Nothing looked on when he floated a hopeful pass forward from the back, but he’d spotted Bobby peeling off his man – it was a majestic piece of vision. 2) Bobby used his strength wonderfully. Not just to hold off the defender but to get goalside for the delightful finish.

The less said about Andy Johnson’s tame penalty the better.

UPDATE: Mike points out that the ITV video doesn’t work for him in Australia and that overseas viewers might have a bit more joy with this link. Thanks, mate.