Great spot by Timmy. Football 365 have picked Danny Murphy as the second most influential player in the Premier League. As Timmy says, when you think of the number of players our skipper’s beaten to finish as runner-up to Cesc Fabregas, that’s some achievement.

2 – Danny Murphy

There are plenty of players who go about their business quietly, but there can be few who manage to be quite so commanding while making such little noise. Fulham’s defence has been praised again and again, but defences win very few games, they simply stop you from losing them. A creative force is required further forward, and Roy Hodgson’s men have that in an unassuming bald man in the middle of the park. Murphy can be summed up by his goal against Manchester United before Christmas. He picked the ball up, ghosted into space and passed into the net. No fuss, nothing spectacular, just an excellent goal from an exceptional footballer.