Interesting comments on the eve of a game from Roy Hodgson. He doesn’t deny that Fulham are still thought of as a fairly insignificant side, despite being in the Premier League and finishing seventh last year. Witness Peter Drury’s rather irritating habit of describing ‘dear old Fulham’ on Thursday night.

Hodgson fully accepts that, although we had the ninth best record away from home last season, teams will still look at us and reckon they should take three points. Wolves might well have Fulham at home down as one of their home bankers for the season. It didn’t take much effort when we last went to Moulineux as I recall.

I’m afraid that at Fulham we have to live with the fact that teams look at us and expect to get three points. When we go to places there aren’t many teams who say, ‘Oh my God, it’s Fulham, there’s nothing in this for us’.

Everywhere we go this year, whether it be Wolves or Arsenal, West Ham or Liverpool, the team we’re playing are going to say, ‘Right, this week it’s Fulham. This is a team we should be beating, this is a team we’re going to win against’.

We’ve got to make sure it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t annoy me, why should it? It will be nice one day if people are scared of us and are worried about getting points but we’re way off from that.

We might need to build a 60,000 stadium on the banks of the river first. Trees don’t grow to heaven.

Roy’s still grounded in the reality. First objective: finish above the relegation line. To some, that might seem unambitious – but we proved last season that once that’s achieved, anything’s possible.

We had a great season last season but we’re starting from scratch again. We’re the same Fulham this season which started last season with one ambition – to get to the end of the season in the Premier League and survive without giving our supporters a heart attack.

We’ve dismissed everything from last season. Our ambition is to stay in the league and the game against Wolves is of vital importance.

Everybody’s expecting another drastically changed Fulham teamsheet after the shadow side held CSKA Sofia to a creditable draw in midweek.

I’ve always got a selection poser but what that performance has done is prove to everyone that I’ve got a selection poser. It’s quite easy to be dismissive of people who aren’t getting a look-in and focus only on the 11 that I pick. But everyone has seen my faith is justified.