You might have read some excitable quotes from a South African midfielder in the press who says he’s close to joining Fulham. Ever since Roy dismissed out of hand the prospect of him joining the club after our game at White Hart Lane last Christmas time, I’ve paid the rumours coming out of South Africa little attention.

Dikgacoi, who played for his country in the Confederations Cup, and his agent were probably trying to drum up some European interest. The man himself has said that he’s completed his trial (so I wonder why we haven’t seen him or ‘a trialist’ in any of the pre-season games), passed his medical and was due to sign his contract yesterday. The club have been particularly quiet and the news wires too – perhaps they’ve wised up to this guy, now.

It could have cause be a fantastic piece of man-management from Hodgson to get the guy chomping at the bit if he was indeed promised another chance this summer.