Arsene Wenger wants Brede Hangeland and Jimmy Bullard. Where’s the evidence? In The Sun, so it must be true.

Perhaps it is. In that case such a double loss would be a massive blow to our season. But let’s think about this for a moment. If Arsenal really need a creative midfielder, they will probably go for someone with a few less miles on the clock than Bullard. He’s not a Wenger-type player and I doubt he’d be afforded the kind of freedom he gets here in the Arsenal system. According to the Telegraph, we’re ready to offer him a new deal anyway.

The Hangeland talk seems more plausible but I’m less worried about losing big Brede. Why? Because he says he doesn’t want to leave. Normally, believing a footballer denying a transfer rumour is a surefire way to become disillusioned with the game. I just get the sense that this might be different. Hangeland obviously has a strong relationship with Hodgson and has settled in well at Fulham. He’s played in the Champions’ League before so the lure of that competition might not be strong – which is just as well because Arsenal might struggle to qualify if they continue in this vain of form.

The best bit about that Sun article is that there’s only one quote from Roy. It’s the same quote that they’ve been repeating for weeks. My lecturers at university would have told me to go away and work a bit harder if I tried to present that as evidence.