Hodgson’s still playing hardball with Rangers over Steven Davis.

“They say Rangers have not had much money until now.

“But I find that hard to understand because they get 50,000 people every other week and it is a very big club.

“We are being obliged to contemplate transfers of £6m, £8m and that type of figure, so it seems strange a club of that stature can only afford what they have offered us.

“I am perfectly happy to keep Steven. He is a good player and I would be very disappointed if the club allowed him to go for a sum of money that is below his worth.”

The one thing I find odd about that piece is valuing him at £7m, when most other media outlets have had us holding out for £3.5m – which is near enough what we paid Aston Villa for him. After the transfer of Carlos Cuellar, I guess we’ll see just how badly Rangers want their man.