A Fulham spokesman has confirmed that the club will investigate David Healy’s flute-playing gesture during Saturday’s pre-season victory over Celtic.

Healy’s gesture was a response to chants from the Celtic fans after he came on as a substitute in the game at Craven Cottage. His agent claimed it was a ‘good-natured’ response to some stick heading his way from the estimated 11,000 Celtic fans in the crowd, but Fulham and the Irish Football Association have decided to investigate the matter.

A club spokesman said: “The team is in Korea for pre-season. The club is looking into the alleged incident.”

The IFA chief executive Howard Wells said: “I put a call into David to speak to him. I’ll speak to Roy Hodgson, the Fulham manager, to see his take on it and I shan’t be jumping to any conclusions.”

Meanwhile, the BBC is reporting that Healy has apologised. “I am supposed to be a role model and I can only apologise. It was one of those incidents that someone said something and I made a silly gesture, which I regret. I can guarantee from my point of view it will never happen again.”