Beleive it or not, there are Swedish Hoops too...Not sure if you’ve been able to miss the fact that we got beaten by a glorified pub team on Friday night in our last pre-season friendly before the premiership starts. All jokes aside, my relationship to QPR isn’t as bad as some of our fans who are born and raised in SW6 but that doesn’t mean that a loss to them at this point in time is easy to handle. Sure it was a friendly, but no matter what players Sanchez plays we shall not lose this game.

Granted, he did play a weakened side for some reason, but as many posters has said on T-F-i why didn’t he play a team that would be as close to what we can expect to see at the Emirates stadium in weeks time?


In my last post I put forward my worries of the preference that Sanchez shows towards his Northern Irish and English players. Again I’d like to raise this topic and ask why in the world didn’t Volzy or Rosie start at right back and why did Christianval start on the bench too. The defence is my main concern and here we are not using some of our best performers.

What makes the loss even harder to accept is the fact that both QPR goals were scored by 17 year old Chelsea starlet Ben Sahar who ply his trade on loan at QPR.

I really hope the old saying is true: “Poor rehearsal, great opening”.