Apparently Zat was arrested during his first day as a Villan (villain?) , not a good start at a new club is it.Hopefully the first reports are true and it is his brother who’s the guilty one and as the old saying goes; you can’t chose family. But there was a rumour a few years back saying that Zat “had” to leave Birmingham those 8 long years ago due to being mixed up in gangs in Brum. Hopefully that history won’t come back and haunt him.

I’m over the moon due to the fact that we got £3.5 mill for Zat, I can’t believe our luck! Who could have thought someone would pay that kind of money for him? I’ll still miss the guy since he’s a nice bloke and the closest to a Fulham through-and-through player we had, but with that kind of compensation I can only say:

Thank you Zat and good luck in the Dark country!