I find it quite strange that some fans focus on the footballing side of the mess we find ourselves in; whilst some focus on the lack of proper management and action regarding the sacking of Coleman och then we have a group of people who focus on other clubs. With other clubs I of course mean West Ham and their shady dealing in the transfer market.

Me, personally have been on the Coleman out side of things for more than a year so my anger is mostly focused on the board of directors who (in my eyes) are to blame for our current relegation battle. Should they have taken action a long time ago maybe, just maybe we would have been in a safe position in the league by now.

For the reminder of the season my focus will be on the two remaining games, and even though I can’t see us getting much from them I will keep my fingers crossed and support the team as usual. Hopefully we stay up on our own merits, but if not the shady dealings of West Ham might save us (or one of the other clubs in the relegation battle). If there’s any justice in the world WH are relegated in a normal way and we won’t have to ask the FA to investigate further. If they stay up based on their league position I really, really hope that the FA will punish them with point deduction.

So West Ham, please fail to stay up! It will be so much easier and a lot less messy if you do.