A couple of years ago I was in one of the pubs I frequent when I’m about to watch football. I was the only punter waiting for the kick off between Hertha Berlin and Fulham in the UEFA cup when this guy came running in asking if the Fulham game was on. After assuring him is was he quickly dialled a number on his mobile confirming to the person in the other end that the game was on and that this person should grab a taxi and met his friend there.

It turned out that these two guys were Fulham fans on business in Stockholm that just landed an hour ago and was desperate for finding a venue that would show the game. These two guys turned out to be extremely friendly and of course passionate about Fulham. I still stay in contact with one of them and try and meet up with him when in London or when he’s over visiting in Stockholm.

Last night I wasn’t the only one in the pub, even if it would be an exaggeration to call the place crowded. When Fulham scored 1-0 I jumped up cheering and was surprised to see other people cheering as well. I walked over to these guys and yet again I met an English Fulham fan in this pub. His friend was an AFC Wimbledon fan so we got talking about all things Fulham but also football in general.

It is always nice to meet new friends who support the mighty whites, especially in places where you’re not expecting them. So if you travel to Stockholm, let me know that you’re coming and I’ll try and meet up with you for a drink (and maybe a game).

Fulham Fans Unite!