Yesterday all Swedish fans of English football received some good news. Ryan Air will continue it’s service between Västerås and London! The airline had threatened to shut down this route due to the new airline tax proposed by the government last year. But since the new government (elected about a month ago) decided not to introduce this tax the Irish low fare airline will continue flying between Västerås and London. They will however take a break between November and February and change their London base from Luton to Stanstead.

Not only will we be able to continue to fly cheap to London on our football trips with Ryan Air. Their competitor Sterling will also establish themselves in Sweden and will fly from Arlanda to Heathrow. Sterling wont be as cheap as Ryan Air, but the higher prices are more than compensated by the fact that they are using more centrally located airports. Come fly with me!


Yesterday we had a small discussion on The Fulham Independent regarding Sven Göran Eriksson and his time as a manager for the English national team. It seems like many Englishmen takes the easy way out and blames the coach for the lack of success. I still claim that the players aren’t good enough to deliver. I do however respect my fellow football fans view even if I disagree somewhat. And after the treatment of Sven by some fans and most media I actually smiled when I saw England go down to Croatia last week. Don’t get me wrong, I have always been supporting the English after my own country and I do feel bad for all my friends in England when they lose. But the end of the day I love to see Smiling Steve lose because I’ve always said that he’s a crap manager and I still don’t understand why he got the job (beside the obvious fact that he’s English). For me, having such mixed feelings about the English team, I would prefer Steve to get the boot as soon as possible and then see England qualify.


The Poo vs. Barca

Not sure if you watched the game last night or not, but I have to say CFC actually impressed me. As much as I despise Drogba, I have to give him credit for his football skills (if only he could learn to shut his gob).Essien was another player who stood out by a mile, what a work rate – he literally were everywhere at once. Finally the Dutch right back Boulahrouz totally eliminated Ronaldiniho.

But what “shocked” me the most was the fact that despite the fact that the Chelsea team, managers and staff has spent 3-4 days yelling about better protection for the goalkeepers following the horrible injury Peter Cech suffered at Reading on Saturday. They had some awful attacks on the Barca keeper last night, luckily enough nobody got hurt. [Having said that, they played like any other English teams in the box last night, but live as you learn is obviously nothing for the Special One and his boys].