After the devastating earthquake that damaged his home region in Morocco, we are proud to publish a passionate request for support from former Fulham defender Abdes Ouaddoh, who is co-ordinating fundraising efforts to help his country through the brilliant Beniya foundation.

Dear Fulham family,

Among our injured, widows and orphans, I write those words with unbearable pain to ask my friends from across the world – from within football and elsewhere – to join us in showing solidarity with the citizens of the Moroccan Atlas region and the rest of my homeland, who experienced an unprecedented tragedy. The earthquake caused massive damage and, above all, the loss of so many lives.

The Moroccan authorities are doing wonderful work on the ground but to win this battle with the forces of nature, our fight will be long and we will require resilience and substantial support to rebuild. I know it is a tough financial time for so many people but each donation, however modest, will offer immediate help to those who are in desperate need. Every person rescued will be a victory.

You can help by donating directly through the Beniya association’s Moroccan earthquake fundraising page and read more about the organisation on the website. If you can’t donate at this time, just sharing information about our efforts on Facebook or other social media platforms would help us to spread the word.

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide for the people of Morocco,

Abdes Ouaddoh