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It is hard to be a Fulham fan right now and not be completely frustrated with the endless procession of players we are linked to one minute only to be dismissed the following day having seen said player sign elsewhere or deny ever wanting to leave in the first place.

 Much like myself I am sure your timeline consists of a bunch of “ITK” accounts claiming to have sources much closer to the club than you, Other clubs actually making signings and a Director of football who seems to only post about Wrestling when he should in fact be getting to grips with a squad that clearly needs investment. 

I want to think that I am better than most when it comes to being patient around these things but it doesn’t stop me refreshing Twitter every hour in the hope that something has occurred despite constantly reassuring myself that it is all completely out of our hands and what will be will be. 

No doubt there will be some new faces when we kick off at home to Liverpool on the 6th August but whatever we achieve between now and then will in most people’s eyes never be enough. If, like me, you anticipated an early promotion meant that this time round we would have a smoother transition with lots of early arrivals then clearly you have let the optimism of last season cloud your judgement of the club you know all too well.  

If you want to be optimistic about our current predicament then it should be said that our inability to secure a single new recruit so far is probably due to the fact we are in the market for a higher calibre of player and not just scrambling around for the free transfers and deadwood from other teams that are on the move. In that sense it will take longer to get these people over the line and with a world cup being just 6 months away many players are taking their time to ensure they make the right move as well as completely switching off for summer break before pre season begins. 

The fact we play Liverpool first game of the season is probably a blessing in disguise as I would much rather have a “free hit” with half a squad than a “winnable game” when it’s highly likely that all the pieces won’t be in place by that point. I am of course aware of the irony that we took 4 points from them last time out and calling it a “free hit” may be a little premature.

I have no doubt that the club are very aware that we have a lot of work to do in this window and I am sure there are plenty of very capable and very focused people doing good work in the background to get these deals done but if you can hold off retweeting or posting who is holidaying where, private flights that are inbound from Portugal and general speculation from Turkish newspapers and ITK accounts with 10 followers then we will  all probably all be much happier mentally. 

Socrates once said “I know that I know nothing” but what I do know is that if ITK doesn’t stand for “I’m Tony Khan” then it probably isn’t even worth contemplating at this stage.