There are suggestions via well-connected football correspondents on Twitter today that Harry Wilson’s move from Liverpool is an initial loan that will turn permanent further down the line. The Sun’s Tom Barclay, who covered the Whites extensively in the Premier League last year, claims that the transfer is a loan with an obligation to buy at around £9m.

The Athletic’s Fulham correspondent Peter Rutzler has also tweeted that the deal begins as a loan, with a £9m obligation to turn permanent when certain criteria are met. There has been no official confirmation from the club, who referenced the deal being permanent in a video interview with Wilson published this morning.

Liverpool-based reporters, including the Athletic’s James Pearce, yesterday referenced the fact that payments for the transfer have been delayed until 2022 to help Fulham get around the EFL’s stricter financial fair play rules. It remains to be seen what the truth is – even if Barclay and Rutzler are both confident that the deal should eventually turn into a permanent one.