Scott Parker has slammed the Premier League’s decision to reschedule Fulham’s postponed trip to Tottenham for tomorrow night – at just 48 hours notice – as ‘scandalous’.

The Fulham boss believes his side have been put at a disadvantage by being forced to fulfil the fixture following the postponement of Aston Villa’s scheduled game against Tottenham – and questioned whether such a rearrangement would have been forced on a bigger side. Parker told his pre-match press conference:

The possibility of playing Spurs came Saturday afternoon. We didn’t think it was realistic. We were told on Monday at 9.30 that we had to fill in for Villa. I realise we live in unpredictable times. We have to move things in what we are used to as a manager. I speak for a lot of managers. It is not ideal. I accept that. I am normally the last one to moan or whine about anything as I realise it is tough out there. But what has happened to us is that to confirm a Premier League game at 9.30 on Monday morning is scandalous.

It is not about the fixture. I accept we have to play but it is the notice. Maybe the people in these places making these decisions don’t understand how you manage teams and manage players. You are constantly working out well in advance. We have had it tough. We thought they had six days before the next fixture to get up to speed. It is madness really.