Scott Parker has reminded Antonee Robinson to ‘be careful’ in the tackle as he prepares to welcome the defender back into his Fulham side.

The American international served a three-match ban for his challenge on Cesar Azpilicueta in the west London derby – with both the player and his manager still believing that sending off was harsh. Parker told his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s pivotal trip to West Brom that the decision was a sign of the times.

“Can you coach how to tackle and stay just the right side of OK? I don’t think you can in this day and age. We’re close to tackling being eradicated from the game and players not having to wear shin pads is not that far away.”

“The days of going in and winning a ball are gone, and any slight bit of aggressiveness is not allowed. For me, tackling is an art. We look at the best strikers and the midfielders, the best passers, and we look at them and how they do that. I think the same about tackling.”

“My comment to Antonee Robinson is you need to be so, so careful. Do I think that was a red card? No, I don’t. But we’re in a world where I hear experienced professionals, now pundits, who were in the generation I was in and loved tackling and who now see any slight contact could be a sending-off. It’s pretty difficult to coach.”