Fulham full back Joe Bryan has revealed his stunning Wembley free-kick that sent Fulham back to the top flight was honed in his Bristol garden when he was growing up.

The former Bristol City left-back joined the annals of Fulham history with his two goals in the play-off final against Brentford.

Bryan kick-started a memorable win in extra time, wrong footing David Raya in the Bees net by ‘giving him the eyes’, shaping up to cross from 40-yards out before sneaking it in at the front post.

Bryan told the Athletic: “I was lucky enough to grow up out in the country, with a lot of green fields. My parents had a big garden and we always had a decent-sized goal in it.

“This is why I never really watched much football growing up because most of the time I was out in the garden playing it — me, my dad, my two brothers and my sister. We used to just boot balls around in the garden and dad used to do this thing where, after he’d been working in the garden all afternoon, he’d come over with these big Wellington boots on, and he’d just toe-punt the ball around.

“He’d do this thing where he would look at one corner — like really look at it — and just punt into the other corner and he’d run off going, ‘The eyes, the eyes, the eyes! He’s done him with the eyes!’

“It’s one of those memories that stay with you from when you’re a kid. After the game I started laughing, because someone just mentioned ‘Oh, you gave him the eyes’, and it just made me think of Dad!”