A livid Slavisa Jokanovic blasted Fulham’s apparent lack of interest in adding to their squad during the January transfer window and suggested that the club might be better off sacking him if they were not looking to invest this month in an extraordinary end to his press conference this afternoon.

The Serbian head coach has previously been outspoken about his lack of involvement in Fulham’s transfer activity and he has been angered by the club’s failure to identify ‘clear targets’ ahead of the transfer window, which he believes is crucial to further their push for promotion in the second half of the season. It was thought that Jokanovic would have more influence over Fulham’s transfer plans following the departure of statistical guru Craig Kline last year – but his angry tirade scotched that hope.

Jokanovic told GetWestLondon’s Ryan O’Donovan:

No, this January I am really disappointed with the information around us. We don’t have any clear targets and for the direction of the club, I have some information that we are strong enough to fight for the important targets.

I don’t believe this – at the end there are so many assistants and so many things, I am really disappointed with our situation and I expect the club will change their opinion. I don’t know, if we don’t have the money or don’t want to spend the money, but we are not competitive enough for this period what is in front of us.

The press conference ended in explosive fashion with Jokanovic seeming to suggest that if Fulham didn’t agree with his assessment that the squad needed strengthening during January that they getting rid of him might be ‘a good option’.

Solution? I don’t know, but probably if the coach doesn’t trust that we are strong enough (but they feel we are), then probably an option that the club must be thinking about is sacking the coach and this can be a good option for the club