Tottenham’s reputed interest in Ryan Sessegnon has made the sports section of the Sun for the third time in the last month. The tabloid seems even keener to secure a move to north London for Fulham’s young starlet than Daniel Levy, as Sarah noted recently, but this piece of ‘breaking news’ from Mike McGrath proclaiming that Fulham are preparing for the teenager’s departure in January, takes the biscuit.

The News International tabloid, never known to misrepresent, embellish or invent information of course, claims that Fulham’s early inquiries about available left backs paves the way for Sessegnon’s imminent exit, linking the likes of Spurs and Manchester United with another move. Before excitedly cobbling together his copy and dusting off the banner headlines, it didn’t seem to occur to McGrath to consider that Fulham’s move for a new full back would be entirely consistent with allowing Sessegnon to play in the left wing position from where he scored that splendid hat-trick against Sheffield United last month.

There’s no space in this breathless account linking English football’s most promising youngster with a move away from Craven Cottage to note the fact that Sessegnon signed a new three-year contract, when he explicitly turned down inducements from Europe’s leading clubs, with Fulham in July or to include the interview he gave after those history making exploits at Bramall Lane – where he referred to his happiness at ‘my club’ and the debt of gratitude he feels he owes the Whites and their fans for giving him a shot at professional football.

There will of course be plenty of fevered speculation about Sessegnon’s future come the silly season, which used to start before Christmas and infect all football journalists throughout the transfer window. But it seems the Sun’s quest to fill their football pull-out with something of interest to the glory hunters has meant they’ve started early this December.