Fulham striker Matt Smith is being rushed through a course of rehab so he can rejoin his team-mates in their quest to push up the Championship table.

Part of the treatment requires a course of PRP injections, and the best people to stick the needle in are Spanish.

The bluffers guide requires one to know impact injuries, in this case Smith’s left knee ligaments after he collided with his own keeper in the 2-1 defeat to Hull three weeks ago, immediately produces things called platelets that fight inflammation.

A blood sample from the injured is spun at high speed in a lab to produce an even bigger concentration of platelets that are injected back into the injured and speed up the healing process.

As a result, the striker is fewer than three weeks away from taking tentative steps in training.

?Fulham manager Kit Symons said “Matt’s coming on quite well. He’s been going over to Spain for a series of PRP injections. You know what PRP means? No? Me neither?” he joked.

“Spain is where the specialists are right now, even though they’ve started doing them over here. And rather than get a lesser skilled person involved, we’re going for the best. This is the last of three injections Matt needs.”