Fulham’s chief football officer Mike Rigg insists Kit Symons is the man to move the club forward in the long-term and revealed that he is assisting with new acquisitions.

“The club have been through a tough time in the last two or three years and in order to get some stability back in the club I don’t think more change was what we needed right now,” said Rigg. “Behind the scenes, what a lot of the fans won’t see is there’s been a real feel-good factor. To make a knee-jerk reaction would’ve been the wrong move.

“We’re not going to risk the long-term future of the club with any kind of knee-jerk reaction by overpaying hyper-inflated prices of greedy players or agents. We want to bring players into the club that have got the ambition and the quality to take us back to the Premier League.

“We’ve not talked about finances or a war chest. We’ve talked about strategy. We’ve got a unified strategy of what we want to do. It’s not just about how much we spend, it’s about making sure we have a real calculated behind how we build this squad.”