Kit Symons believes that Tim Hoogland will be fit to start Tuesday’s game at Rotherham despite being taken off midway through the first half during this afternoon’s win over Norwich City.

The German full-back was substituted just after Sean Kavanagh scored the only goal of the game, but Symons told reporters after the match that the problem was more to do with illness than the bang to the face he took in the early stages of the contest.

He’s all right, he’s had a bad head cold in the last couple of days. So rather than it being a knock and a concussion he had a bad head cold and was feeling a bit light-headed.

I don’t think (the whack) helped but I don’t think it was from that, it was more from not feeling great. But to be fair to him, I spoke to him yesterday. I said if he’s not right I won’t play him. I would never put players out there who are not fully fit.

But Tim phoned up and said he was really good and wants to go for it. So that’s showing great character and commitment to his team-mates and the football club. It didn’t work out for him today but as soon as he flagged it up we brought him off and hopefully he’ll be OK for Tuesday.

The 29 year-old is currently Fulham’s top scorer having scored four times in thirteen appearances since signing from Schalke on a free transfer in June.