Saturday is a massive day for Fulham. I’m sitting in my university library trying to get through the massive amount of work that needs to get done before I can even think about exams, but all I can think about is the Villa match on Saturday! This will be my first experience of a Fulham away match and, although the team finds themselves in a dire situation, I can hardly wait. I would love to get to see Fulham a lot more than I do but living in Scotland most of the year for University and spending the rest of it at home in Northern Ireland, it’s not easy. I generally have to make do with streaming or watching any live games that Sky or BT choose to put us on.

This season has been hard. By 5pm on most Saturday evenings I have been frustrated by the performances that Fulham have been giving. What has happened off the pitch at Fulham this year has also been hard to take. Jol sacked, in comes Meulensteen, Curbishley and Wilkins before all three of them also get the sack and Magath comes in. It has been crazy. However I do feel that we have a quality manager in Magath and if we do go down, I think we will find ourselves straight back up again! But hopefully it doesn’t come to that.

Back to Saturday; this is a game that we can win. Villa are not the same team that they were back under O’Neill and despite them having a number of quality attacking players in Benteke and Agbonlahor, I think that Villa Park could be the place to start a miraculous come back, or at least the start of a ‘going down fighting’ run. Hopefully the former! Dejagah is in decent form at the minute, Holtby has been quality both in desire and ability and we have had a breath of fresh air with some of our youngsters coming in. It will be interesting to see if Magath sticks with a youngster or will he give Bent another go? We made chances against Everton but we couldn’t convert them. This will be something that needs to be address if we are to have a chance.

From what I hear we have a massive crowd going to Birmingham on Saturday and I really do believe that we can help drive the team to success. The players and manager often talk about the influence of the fans and in an away match we need to make our voices heard. We need to be that twelfth man because the players need our support! You never know, maybe this will be the match that turns things around (remember City 2008?)


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P.S I’ll be arriving in Villa at 7am on Saturday morning after an overnight bus from Glasgow so any tips on where to go before the match would be ideal!