Fulham boss Rene Meulensteen believes it is imperative everyone involved in the club pulls together to help turn fortunes around.

Meulensteen side dropped to the bottom of the Premier League at the weekend and crashed out of the FA Cup on Tuesday, beaten by a last-gasp extra-time goal against League One Sheffield United.

The Craven Cottage defeat caused some angst among the Fulham supporters, but Meulensteen praised the fans for their overall attitude to the recent slump.

And he is confident such backing can aid the team in their time of need.

“The staff, players and fans are all not happy with this situation as it is,” Meulensteen said. “That is normal. That is frustration.

“The most important thing is that we don’t lose the togetherness because that is the only way we’re going to get out of this mess.

“If you start falling apart, then you have an even bigger problem and that is what cannot happen.

“The most important message to the fans is to not add to the problems we already have, but to be part of the solution and make sure you keep sticking together, keep supporting the team and players most importantly.

“As soon as the players really start to feel that (pressure), then it is an even bigger problem so this is the time when we need the fans the most.

“It is always easy when everything goes hunky-dory and fans are jumping up and down because things are going well. No, no, no – that is why fans are called supporters and that is what we need.

“I think they’ve been absolutely brilliant so far and even today you heard a little bit (of frustration) but it was not over excessive.

“I think everybody can see that we have been a team that has not got the results that we wanted, therefore we have slipped into the position that we’re in and we’re trying ever so hard to get out of it.

“But there is not a sort of a direct sort of solution and hopefully the new players can help us fix it.”