This coming Tuesday, a delegation from the Fulham Supporters Trust is meeting with Fulham Football Club at Motspur Park, the team’s training ground. The purpose of the meeting is to foster the links between the club and the supporters, as represented by the supporters trust, and to highlight any issues fans have that are connected to this great club of ours.

The meeting is a serious opportunity to have issues that matter to you raised with the club at a senior level, with the club’s Chief Executive Officer and Communications Director both expected to be in attendance.

The Fulham Supporters Trust would like to canvass fans, through mediums such as, so that all issues, no matter how big or small, can be brought forward for discussion with the club.

We have seen, through the trust’s original work with the Back to the Cottage campaign and, more recently, by publicly and privately supporting the planning application for the proposed Riverside Stand redevelopment, that a constructive relationship between a club and its fans is highly beneficial to both sides. You only have to look at the debacle up at Everton with their redesigned crest to appreciate the value of this relationship.

Aside from on-pitch affairs, to which every fan is want to have an opinion, what matters to you, the Fulham fan?

Would you like more clarity on the Riverside Stand start date? Would you like Fulham to explain the club’s stance on football governance issues such as Financial Fair Play or Safe Standing? How about a cheaper matchday programme or a different selection of pies?

Please let the Fulham Supporters Trust know what you would like to change at Fulham, or indeed what you wouldn’t like to change and what the club does well.

You need not be a member, just a fan, with an opportunity to have a voice. Either comment at the bottom of this article, comment on our facebook page or tweet us.

Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with the Fulham Supporters Trust directly before Tuesday, again, via facebook or twitter.