What a terrible season it has been. Not in terms of catastrophes – we have pretty much remained at arms length from relegation all season – but it’s been so incredibly mediocre that it has quite genuinely sucked the fun out of supporting Fulham. We haven’t turned over any of the big boys sans Tottenham away, our goal of the season competition will be decidedly average compared to last season, displays have been apathetic and performances frustrating; I think our ‘highlights of the season’ come down to Norwich on the first day, the first half vs QPR and Spurs in spring. Our star players Berbatov and Ruiz have hinted at what they can provide while too often reminding us why they are not playing for Champions League clubs, and the supporting cast has provided the team with as much balance as a drunk on a tightrope. Hangeland and Riether aside (and maybe Karagounis) there is little affection for the players from the supporters, and the short-term dealings which were partly forced and partly planned will not allow us to build an affinity either. And when we finally looked as if we’d get some end-of-season momentum and we could push for a top ten finish, an achievement which we could quite rightly be proud of, our star man of those few games, Dejagah, was unceremoniously wiped out by the captain of our rivals and that was that. I won’t say much about the cups because, well, there isn’t much to say anyway.

It has been a lacklustre season in every sense. It could have ended five weeks ago and I wouldn’t be bothered. It’s not a pleasant state of mind. Come the end of Sunday this weekend, here’s hoping that we can finally draw a line under this, look forward to the Summer and make next season one to remember.