Fulham could face a fine from the Premier League following the floodlight failure that interrupted their match against Manchester United on Saturday.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that the Premier League were writing to Fulham after the Craven Cottage floodlights went out just before half-time during the 1-0 defeat to United – and forced a delay of around 11 minutes. A Premier League told the Telegraph that the severity of the sanctions that could be levied on the club were dependent on the reasons behind the blackout. If the floodlight failure was found to be caused by reasons beyond their control, the club could escape punishment.

Fulham, who have yet to reveal whether they have ascertained when caused the failure, met with the contractors responsible for maintaining the floodlights yesterday and are already undertaking an internal investigation. A club spokesperson is quoted as saying:

We are conducting our own internal investigation to ensure that any questions that need answering can be answered. I’m sure that when the Premier League come and ask for our representations, we will be able to give them wholeheartedly.