We have spoken a lot in the last year or so about how Fulham are putting a lot of efforts into the development of youth players in order to build the future. It has been a very exciting time for us as fans, getting to watch a group of very young players begin to make their mark on the Fulham first team. They bring some fresh air to our squad and they certainly trouble even the most experienced defenders in the league with their fearless attitude and quick feet. And these are only the players who we actually get to watch. The development structure in the club now oversees and Under 18 and Under 21 sides which is something that we should reap the rewards of over the next five years or so.

However, writing another very excitable piece on the clubs development scheme is not my purpose for this article. A video on the BBC Sport website caught my eye yesterday about the Fulham Foundation. As well as working with kids in the community the club has a programme called ‘My Future Goal’. This works with unemployed young people and hope to give them the skills required to get jobs and the generally build up their confidence to give them a sense of self-importance. Through education and sport, the Fulham Foundation are bettering the lives of West London’s youngsters. As a student teacher, this sort of thing only increases my love of the club as it reminds us that Fulham Football Club isn’t  only about getting points on the board on Saturday afternoons but it is about being an important part of the community.

Education is one of the most important things that we can ever provide for our young people as it unlocks the doors for them to take control and play a part in our society. If you haven’t watched the video you can watch it here. Please, if you haven’t already, have a look at the different projects that the Fulham Foundation run.