Schwarzer has been a Fulham stalwart since he joined a little over four years ago

Mark Schwarzer has been somewhat of a phenomenon for Fulham since he joined from Middlesborough in May 2008. Owing to exceptional fitness work and frequent steak breakfasts – Schwarzer swears by them and apparently are the closest thing you can get to replicating the diet of our ancestors – the experienced goalkeeper should by rights be entering the twilight of his career and yet his position as a Premier League performer has never seemed more assured.

Now entering his fifth season with the club, Schwarzer has just entered his 41st year, and has similarly recently conducted an interview published in today’s Observer. It’s a great read, one in which he refutes Zamora’s ambitious (ironically) suggestions that ‘no-one likes Jol’, details the transfer sagas surrounding his time at the club and his desires to go on for many more years to come. As someone who has outlived the fresh-faced David Stockdale in the Fulham shirt, that doesn’t seem too unlikely either.

Read the article in full here, or check below for some choice quotes.

They say you know when it’s time to step aside. Maybe I will but I’ve got goals ahead of me. It’s all part of the grand plan.

You can never say ‘never’. It keeps you on your toes, having that desire in the back of your head. Whatever happens next summer, I’d love to stay in England. All I’m focusing on is playing well for Fulham, winning games, having a good season and qualifying for the World Cup with Australia.

The whole club has to maintain momentum and evolve the style of football the manager wants. We’ve been too one-dimensional at times. The manager is changing that.

Bobby had his issues with the manager and that’s why he moved on. If people had a problem with the manager, you wouldn’t have seen the successes or the performances we’ve shown so far this season. It would be impossible to do that. The players are all 100% behind the manager and, as far as I’m concerned, there’s no validity to [Zamora’s] statement at all.