Fulham defender Aaron Hughes was pleased to see Fulham bury the notion that his side are poor away from home early on in the season.

Fulham have earned a reputation for being strong at home and weak on the road and their first three away trips this season brought defeats at Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday and West Ham.

Hughes remembers a 16-month stretch between away wins ending in December 2010.

He said after their 2-1 win at Wigan on Saturday: “It’s something a lot people remind us of, that our away form is not great, but if you look at it closely, we’ve had a lot of draws away, so we maybe haven’t won as many as we should. I certainly don’t think we’ve lost any more compared to any other team. To come here five games in and get an away win is good for us. Our home form had always been good and we want to keep that.”