So I haven’t posted any sort of analytical article since the Everton away game, for which I must apologise. It’s not great on my part. However I have been busy so, eh, and you might have heard me every so often on Cottage Talk. But enough of this vain introduction.

A lot has happened since. Here is a collection of short thoughts on our end of season and summer so far. And we start the season in a week and a half…?!

  1. DON’T PANIC. We haven’t spent millions so far, but our transfer business has been really quite clever so far and we do have money to spend. We are just choosing not to spend it.
  2. We got the extension on the Cottage. About time, but great news for the future for the club, you can’t understate the potential impact this could have on sustaining our current position.
  3. 9th. Sweet finish. Irritating we didn’t finish above Liverpool but 9th is a great position in this context and shows where we can reach if we improve even further
  4. Sad to see Ray Lew depart for England and thus end his lengthy association with the football club but he is someone who will always, always be welcome back at Fulham and it’s a move none of us would ever begrudge him.
  5. Dempsey isn’t remotely close to joining Liverpool. He is not skiving pre-season tours, or pulling out of friendlies, or any more of this nonsense. So stop propagating it.
  6. We have a lot of really promising youngsters at this club, the newest name being Mesca it seems (I saw him on trial here last summer when he played at Walton Casuals and oh my gosh he must be as quick as Eddie Johnson, he’s blistering). The next few years could be great fun for us.
  7. AJ’s gone. A shame, but inevitable and the club won’t miss him.
    Murphy’s gone. A tragedy, I loved the guy and he could still have done a job for us next season – quite why Blackburn was more attractive than Fulham I can’t work out but fair play and quite sincerely, all the best.
    Etuhu’s gone. One of the most under-appreciated players we’ve had at the club, he was constantly mocked despite being a regular in our push for 7th place and our European journey, and it’s not even as if he’s a twat, in fact quite the opposite. Having said that he’d always be a squad player under Jol and although he’d be useful in that role we won’t miss him considerably. Again, all the best.
    BH Riise has gone. Almost a none entity at the club if it weren’t for his two marvelous assists during that great night at Basel. Inevitable that he would leave really.
    Gecov has gone. A bit disappointing really, he was always a source of intrigue from fans and we won’t know how talented he was(n’t) despite a bit of promise.
    The Pog has gone. With those wage demands I’m not surprised. He did well but Petric looks like a competent replacement, to say the least.
    Anyone else gone?
  8. A lot of people have gone. I’m not really concerned, they have freed up a significant amount of our wage bill and have opened space for youngsters to take their place. However, we do need to sign one or two additions before the end of the window for sure, especially in central midfield and upfront.
  9. We signed Petric on a free. Fantastic business, he’s a very clever player, a good striker for sure, and I wouldn’t actually be suprised if he’s first choice this season.
    We signed Rodellega on a free. Again, good business, an exceptionally inconsistent player but one who could do really well here – and if he doesn’t, no loss financially anyway.
    We signed Riether on loan. Umm, I don’t get this, unless Jol likes him more than Kelly and wants a right back to keep us hanging over until we can get a better one in next summer.
  10. Not many people have signed. We do need bodies – our central midfield looks a bit weak, as does our striking options – but we aren’t yet in a panic to sign them. I trust Jol and the board, who are exceptionally competent.
  11. Kacaniklic has signed an extension. Great news, he’s better than I thought he was (I’ve seen him a bit for the reserves and honestly didn’t see Premier League potential in him) and promises a lot for this season as a genuine wide option
    Kelly has signed an extension. Pleased to see this, he’s a tidy right back. Not exceptional, but he’s ok.
So some clumsily arranged thoughts on the last few months. And there’ll be more that I’ve missed I’m sure. But I just wanted to write again!