Pre-season training is something that, in my own sporting experiences, used to scare me as well as excite me. It meant that, firstly, the new season would be starting soon and, secondly, that my body was about to go through some intense fitness training. It was always the latter that slightly scared me but at the same time, there was always a satisfaction whenever the season started and I found that the hard work was quickly paying off.

The Fulham boys returned to their Motspur Park training ground this morning to start their preparations for the new league season in 5-6 weeks time. Jol will have been putting the players through their paces and also will have been giving new boys Sascha Riether and Mladen Petric their first taste of Fulham training. As fans we hope that more new faces will be added to the squad to add strength, particularly in our strike force as, after the departures of Pog and AJ, it is looking a little light! We will also be hoping to avoid the slow start that we have become accustomed to seeing. The last few months of the season look very tough so that increases the need to get off to a good start.

Running- a key aspect of pre-season training

Today that just reminded me just how close the new season is and the excitement is rising to see just what Fulham have in store for us this year.