Any fluent Dutch speakers out there? No? Well don’t fret, I’ve got your back! The new slogan on the Fulham website can translate as ‘Orange is the new black’ from the original Dutch and it doesn’t take a genius to have a good guess at what this might mean. This season’s away kit is a slick all black kit and was by far my favourite away strip so far but orange is a colour that excites me purely because it reminds me of the Dutch hockey kit. The Dutch are one of the greatest hockey nations in the world and they play beautiful, fluent hockey and score a lot of goals. It just makes me imagine a Fulham team who are going to play fluent football away from home next season and score more goals than we managed this year!

The banner suggests that the kit will be orange and black and I’m pretty excited about that! Some people will say that a kit makes no difference but trust me, as a sportswoman myself, the motivational factors involving kit are important to factor in. Believe it or not but feeling and looking good can get players in the right mindset when games come up. It is not always the case, but for some players, kit is very important!