I love the end of the season. We can find insane joy, tears, disappointments, targets missed or hit or even widely succeeded. Not only in our league, but how exciting is it knowing who will be going to next season? The play-off final for Championship clubs seems unmissable as every year we get drama. So far we know that we will be facing Reading, the only team we got the double against in our famous great escape year. It excites me that we are going back there purely because of the memories of that vital victory at their ground a number of years ago. It proved vital in our attempt at staying up.

But we also lose 3 teams and this year the relegation battle has been very tense, particularly for 5 or 6 teams, ever since the beginning. Blackburn were routed to the bottom of the table for months due to losing ALOT of games right at the beginning. The ‘Kean out’ protests for me were rather harsh whenever the players weren’t performing and the owners weren’t buying! I’m glad that Kean is still there and I hope that they do stay up and that he gets a better chance next year. We have already lost Wolves (good riddance) after they lost to City at the weekend but what I love about this year is that even now, it is still so tight at the bottom. Villa are making things very difficult for themselves, especially after Tuesday nights defeat to fellow strugglers Bolton. Who would have thought that Villa could easily go down when they were aiming for a 4th place finish not long ago? Their form has been terrible and McLeish must be the most hated man in Birmingham right now! I like Bolton but they just haven’t been good enough this year. It’s a shame because last year they played such good football but they have just been a bit of a shambles this year. I think Wigan will go down purely because they aren’t good enough all over the pitch to be in the Premier League. They have some super players like Moses and Di Santo but they leak far too many goals and they certainly haven’t scored enough goals. Finally we have QPR and I’ll admit that I am very mixed about what I want to happen to them! On one hand I would say that I like having that particular derby again next year because they are just so excited and so much pride is at stake! But on the other hand I want to see Mark Hughes go down with our rivals. After his behaviour last year and thinking that he was much bigger than Fulham, I hope that he gets fed some humble pie and has to cope with Championship football next year!

So who do I think will join Wolves next year? I think Wigan and QPR will because Wigan are just not good enough and QPR have a horrible run in. I could be very wrong however because this league is just so unpredictable! You just can’t tell what’s going to happen one weekend to the next and that is why I love it.

But it’s not just the relegation battle that brings drama! How exciting is the Manchester Derby going to be on Monday night? Again it is just one that really could go either way. We have United with so much experience in title races and then we have Moneybags City who have pretty much tried to buy success. Anyone for Tevez to score the winner?

And of course we have the mighty whites who have the chance to equal their best finish of 7th ahead of Liverpool and Everton. With games against the Merseyside teams coming up there are still places up for grabs. I’m hoping that our fine form continues and we glide into 7th heaven once again. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the future is bright for Fulham with Jol at the helm! I am glad that we aren’t anywhere near the bottom of the table this year and I am happy enough to sit watch from our ‘upper-mid’ table position. Perhaps next year we could be realistically challenging for 6th but that’s for next year!