I’ve just been informed that it is six years to the day since Alex Ferguson, affectionately known in Fulham circles as ‘The Traveller’, sadly passed away.

Alex wrote regular reports on away matches in TOOFIF and was an almost ever-present following England abroad. He was memorably captured in the official film of the 1966 World Cup celebrating England’s victory in the fountains at Trafalgar Square. He wrote successful – and very readable Pandora books – that are still available today and his memory lives on through the inclusion of his old reports in current editions of TOOFIF.

Most importantly of all, he regarded all Fulham fans as part of his family. I can no better express this than by telling of the time I first met Alex, when I was not yet a teenager, as he waited to buy a fanzine from David Lloyd. He listened excitable ramblings about the present side politely and then told me of some the greats he’d watched over the years. He departed with a cheery smile – and an encouragement to keep on writing, which has served me very well indeed. He was delighted that Fulham returned to Craven Cottage and I do hope he’s watching down on it all fondly now.

May he rest in peace.