I wasn’t surprised to see a number of Fulham players in Garth Crooks’ team of the week today although it was still exciting all the same.

John Arne Riise, Clint Dempsey and the Pog all made the team, and rightly so with their superb performances yesterday. I reckon Dembele also could have made it among others as the Wolves game was one that barely anybody put a foot wrong. The passing was slick and even described as ‘Barcelona-like’, something not often associated with Fulham! Riise was so solid in his tackles and got forward at every possible opportunity. Dempsey plays with so much heart and desire- he is the sort of player every team needs. And our Pog. What can I say? 5 goals in 3 games for a side who generally find it difficult to find a striker who will score all the time! AJ was outstanding as well and really deserved a goal and was so close with that curling effort. I think my favourite moment of the match was just as Pog had scored his hat trick, and AJ came up to him with 3 figures up saying, “3 goals” and Pog, with limited English, just smiled and held up 5 fingers, reminding AJ of his Fulham record after only 3 games.

I really like the guy, not just because of his goals, but the way he celebrates right to the crowd and them turns round to embrace his team mates. He is also quick to praise the work of AJ with his part in the 2nd and 3rd goals. Also when he was brought off he gave each member of the Fulham bench, whether medical support or players, a quick high five. He just seems like the sort of player who always has a smile on his face and is exactly what Fulham needed after many reports of Fulham problems in the changing rooms. Long may his form continue!