Even Lawro (whom I have very little respect for) has dubbed todays QPR v Fulham match the ‘…biggest in QPRs season…” For once I agree with him that this match is massive. Not only are QPR serious rivals to us down by the river, but QPR are on a poor run of form that leaves them dangling dangerously around the drop zone. I have to admit that every since Mark Hughes joined QPR that I have supported Fulham AND whoever QPR are playing week in, week out. Like most Fulham fans I was very annoyed at the way Hughes left us in the summer after claiming that we just didn’t match his ambition and then went and joined our local rivals. Suggesting that QPR have more ambition than Fulham is to me just offensive! We maybe haven’t had the greatest of seasons so far but we got a new manager who seems to have a long term vision for the club and that needs time to work. Perhaps Mark Hughes realised that he had guided Fulham to a top 10 finish with basically the same players as Hodgson and the job was going to take alot more than just adding a couple of players to the club. He maybe wasn’t interested in that particular challenge. In my opinion that shows a lack of ambition on his side rather than ours.

Anyway, back to the game. With the added feature of Zamora switching clubs late in the transfer window and the humiliation of QPR in the last fixture together, this match is surely heating up to be one of the craziest in tomorrows fixture list. I reckon all of the players who no doubt felt abandoned by Hughes will want to prove his ridiculous claims wrong. This, for each individual player will be massive and I hope the big games will do nothing but bring the best out of our players. I wouldn’t be surprised if Al Fayed also had his say to the players before the game at some stage to really get everyone ‘pumped up’.

This is a massive game for both clubs. Precious points and West London pride are at stake and I think this will be one to remember. My prediction? QPR 1-2 Fulham.