Interesting comments from Wojciech Szczesny on Arsenal’s defeat at Craven Cottage last night. The Polish goalkeeper blames ‘childish’ errors for the Gunners’ late capitulation, insisting that Fulham didn’t look too dangerous until Johan Djorou.

We played 48 hours previously at home to QPR and then we went one man down. There were probably some tired legs but we should have kept the concentration and kept the focus and we would have been fine. But I would imagine it was a very childish performance in the end from us.

It was very confusing. I thought for 85 minutes we defended really well with 11 men and they never looked like scoring and then, when we had to play with 10 men, they looked very dangerous. I’m very disappointed with the result but hopefully we can recover as soon as possible.

The young goalkeeper also disputed the validity of Djorou’s sending off, suggesting that Bobby Zamora went down very easily:

Johan’s said that he barely touched him and the guy seemed to go down very easy. Plus, I had the ball in my hands already, which doesn’t help.